i can Christian Louboutin Outlet not accept i think i to near collapse

I found that i now more and more depressed, more and more manic, no happiness before, no previous mild, no previous desire and attachment.Do not sad, not sad, not sad; have ideal, have desire, have once the happy heart, already exists.I thought, i can pick up, they can put down gently.I know, no one will only ask yourself why, only to seek their own answers.Dont you in, his wife always cared about, wife of king on, tremble with fear in ones boots, a prince of fear provoked anger.
All the tears that is pure and transparent, keep ones mark.I bought some vegetables cultivation put back to 302 rooms, and found the lady and the young men had electric rice fort in the inner cooking, and started to use electric furnace in lane cook, a farming also will help wash dishes.I have not any feeling, heart seems to have paralysis i love to laugh, i admit, this does not mean im happy.I appreciate everything i have god on my side, ,let me have so safe comfortable, have good parents, a true lover, have talk with friends, have the window the warmth of the sun.I dont know why im so tired of being faced with feelings.Heard that your body is not good, do not smoke, the ashtray has many only smoked a stubbed cigarette, each lit cigarettes, just a breath will snuff it, i quit, hard to quit.From that time i decided not to take part in the entrance exams decided to come back to work i know a life that perhaps we have no chance together from the initial look forward to later slowly fades just hope you can be happy i don know that we still have chance to meet again sometimes i would imagine the next meeting we will be in any situation.
Husband scolded me, asked if i was still sleeping, tm of a point.Dear, no matter how the world changes, i still love you, if one day you feel tired, please remember i am still waiting for you, waiting for you to come back to me.I love people, i wish you happiness, i also tried to love you, but im not an actor, not so high talent, not hide the loss and uneasy, not as you intend to talking and laughing loudly, but not when you need to send a sweet honey yan, give you love, make you happy, so i had to escape, or even hurt you, give you pain, please forgive, hate than love easy to lay down, you are not quite good, but we do not fit, i can not give you happiness.&Mdash introduction; not good, bad late; bad luck.About time, once thought that time except in passing also nowhere to go.He had a successful man should have everything, he is also an ideal love the all, but, only on her own.
Everything comes naturally, or searching for that one edge, after the hand, but to find in their minds to differ very far, want to give up, give up, get ahead of the pace was full of the fate of the load.Have classification, recyclable, or, unrecyclable.Dont cry, dont indulge yourself, because your every drop of tears, can turn into my eyes wet!Even though the day we cant together, at least we can still make a phone call or send a message, i just want to take this as a memory of our acquaintance ring.But soon, the sun and it brings the heat put me into the birch trees.
A few small sparrow in the branches to jump to jump, perhaps is really hungry, considered by the left and right sides unmanned, actually drilled into the sieve go below, for a long time not to eat a big meal, it would be to eat, meng pull, startled bird break up in an uproar, opened at a screen, just no!Every day to give him a call to concern, in his most lost to accompany her to go.Always bear the sense of depression, i sent e-mali to night ink, tell him all the things.A farming and from here can put a lot of jobs can imagine, which posts to job seekers declared, as long as i can be stronger than others, to occupy the advantageous personal survival condition.Have a love yourself and your loving heart, quietly guarding a man, sunrise and sunset, flat faint forever will no longer separation.;Lianshen empty is to once again break the nonphysical obsessions, and then returns to the present life.
I have a child, you will never work a day with colleagues go out for drinks, but call me please leave early, stay at home, you give me to drink porridge, touch my stomach is a girl, i want to argue with you say a boy, you can just nodded.At this point, i can no longer wait times a season which gave me the opportunity, i no longer any slack jointing in life, i will not wait for you smile temperature number.But, unfortunately, i am not woman poet, and if so, will probably easier.A farming this word, they make the four men and one woman enrichment to fool plough to cast a deep aversion to the eyes, and people who love answer ignored, fierce henbaba asking a plough which is dry what, is almost a plough asks, but already knows.
If i believe everything will be good, everything is really good.But you must have a broad mind, can forgive me, because i will occasionally wayward, i also not mature, sometimes as a child make trouble out of nothing.God bless down downstairs, leaf phenanthrene happy repeatedly thinking just god say to her.For the network and the reality of life in various, often with spectators, so, for many things, i is not near, be neither hot nor cold.
He gets up to the balcony don, i do not know, i can Christian Louboutin Outlet not accept i think i to near collapse, don give you the answer, for over two years.San Francisco cruised to a 5-1 win Sunday afternoon.But i very happy, did not think of a little girl will accept me.Can be so he became special errand boy, this is what, i at most only a general manager wang to give him to arrange temporary work, hope general manager wang will soon give him another arrangement a real job, real work should be work, just like in the construction site dry coolie working, sa ko is shi ko shovel shovel sand, gravel, real, true.Because the north people in home heating, so only wear a coat that will not feel cold, just like at home i also wear sandals, and if you go out must be wrapped themselves in the thick.I hate to be ignored, already tired of people increasingly indifferent attitude.Day after day, year after year, youth in memory into the green moss, footsteps, also became rough cocoons, or deep or shallow.I know i must let myself become very good is very good, only in this way can i meet a better person, i can have their own happiness.